Brent Uberty
Founder / Managing Director
Brent's passion for photography and video started in high school and continued in college while working as a photojournalist. With seven years of photo and video production under his belt, his creativity lies in the stories that he tells through the lens of a camera.
Anita Purrell
Production Assistant
Anita is studying Film & Media Arts at the University of Utah and will be graduating in May. She is interested in all different forms of video, from film and TV to corporate and commercial production. She enjoys the artistic process in visually telling a story and the personal connections they create.
Joey Jonaitis
Project Manager
Joey started his career early when he feel in love with video and photo in high school. In the past 9 years he has worked with a large range of clients in areas of business, fashion, Real Estate, Hollywood, and start ups. He brings a wealth of knowledge about every element of production from the initial planning to capturing content to post production.
Stephanie Dunn
Stephanie's passion for photography results in a unique ability to capture spontaneous moments and natural expressions that translate a story to the viewer. She is committed to producing a highly professional, yet uniquely personal experience and final product. Stephanie graduated from Iowa State University and has been a Freelance Photographer since 2010.
Patrick Newman
Patrick is a seasoned videographer and Director of Photography. While concentrating on documentary series film making, he is also an accomplished commercial  and documentary filmmaker. He has a degree from the University of Utah in Film & Media Arts.
Kirsten Roper
Kirstin is a documentary photographer, a visual storyteller, from Salt Lake City, Utah. She passionate about capturing powerful, intimate experiences in the sometimes messy but beautiful story of life. She has permanent exhibits at the Natural History Museum of Utah. Her images embrace real people, real emotion, and real life.
Melia Sigmon
Video Editor
Melia began her work in "the biz" in 2015 after graduating with a degree in Electronic Media. From ordering coffees to keep the team alive to editing commercials that play during the Super Bowl, she's sure to get the job done with a smile. She's worked with companies such as ESPN, NASCAR, Microsoft, NBC, and Coca-Cola.
Chief Puppy Officer
Molly is our four-year-old Chief Puppy Officer that loves sleeping, eating and getting belly rubs during meetings, on set and of course, at home! You can often find her snoring on the couch, getting pets from various team members throughout the day, staring deeply into our soul during lunchtime, and did we mention snoring on the couch?