Our commitment to transparent pricing and quick project turnarounds makes hiring our team of video and photo specialists a piece of cake.

Brent Uberty
Our Founder / Managing Director
Brent founded BW Productions a photo and video company in 2013. For the last eight years Brent has been sculpting stories through a lens and developing longstanding relationships with clients in the nonprofit, education, and business sectors. When he’s not behind the camera Brent enjoys cooking spending time with his family and traveling the world.
Chief Puppy Officer
Molly is our six-year-old Chief Puppy Officer that loves sleeping, eating and getting belly rubs during meetings, on set and of course, at home! You can often find her snoring on the couch, getting pets from various team members throughout the day, staring deeply into our soul during lunchtime, and did we mention snoring on the couch?
Joey Jonaitis
Project Manager
Joey started his career early when he feel in love with video and photo in high school. In the past 9 years he has worked with a large range of clients in areas of business, fashion, Real Estate, editorial, and tech start-ups. He brings a wealth of knowledge about every element of production from the initial planning and capturing content to post production.
Melia Sigmon
Post-Production Manager
Melia began her work in "the biz" in 2015 after graduating with a degree in Electronic Media. From ordering coffees to keep the team alive to editing commercials that play during the Super Bowl, she's sure to get the job done with a smile. She's worked with companies such as ESPN, NASCAR, Microsoft, NBC, and Coca-Cola.
Shawn Emery
Production Manager
Shawn's career has touched upon nearly every aspect of production since earning his Master's Degree from Emerson College, Boston. From television news, adventure documentaries, to high-end corporate projects, he always strives to create compelling visuals that best tell the clients' story. He is a long-time Utah resident and an avid skier and mountain biker.
McKayla Kreutzkamp
McKayla studied public relations at her university, has worked as a content marketer, web editor, and research assistant. Yet, When McKayla’s university’s comedy group needed a producer in 2019, she decided to help out and has found herself developing her video production skills ever since. She found her passion in videography.
Stephanie Dunn
Stephanie's passion for photography results in a unique ability to capture spontaneous moments and natural expressions that translate a story to the viewer. She is committed to producing a highly professional, yet uniquely personal experience and final product. Stephanie graduated from Iowa State University and has been a Freelance Photographer since 2010.
Brad Millett
Brad's experience both behind the camera and in post-production helps give the BW team insight into how to create a well-rounded story. He has been working in professional video for over 8 years and is an accomplished editor, animator, and colorist. He had a love for everything tech including engines, and drones.
Keith Baskett
Audio Engineer
An author, traveler, and avid lover of the small details hidden in the world around us, Keith Baskett has been professionally creating media in one form or another since 2004. A Swiss Army knife of production, he’s equally comfortable behind a camera, a mixing console, or a keyboard crafting a script. If he’s not working, he’s generally causing some form of trouble with his wife and kids.
Biddy Latimer
Biddy's interest in photo and video sparked in 2015 when he decided to pick up a DSLR to take on his hiking and camping adventures. He soon fell in love with documenting nature's beauty and has since created hundreds of beautifully edited images and videos. This was just the beginning of a passion that makes waking up to work every day worth it. Ever since then, he has been on a path of content creation for brands and companies. Always looking forward to traveling, learning, and whatever adventure comes next.

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