Nine Types of Video You Could and Should Being Using Today

1. Brand Videos

Brand videos highlight a companies or organizations overall mission, services, and products. Brand videos are used mainly in larger campaigns and can have a goal of telling your story and reaching your target audience.

2. Event Videos

Having a conference, gala, fundraiser, or other type of event? Include a highlight reel, daily recaps, promotional videos, or interviews talking about the event.

3. Expert Interviews

Interviews with ppmhc leaders and experts in your industry is always a great way to connect with customers and build connection. Sit your CEO, leaders, or experts down to discuss updates, hot topics, or upcoming issues.

4. Demo Videos

Demo videos help showcase a product, software, or experience. Help your audience learn and enable them to teach themselves.

5. Education and How To Videos

Tutorial or instructional videos are used to help teach your audience how to do something and grow their knowledge base. These videos go through a step-by-step process and help you complete a task.

6. Animated Videos

Animations are a great way to tell a hard to explain or conceptual concept. With strong visuals it allows a different method of storytelling. Videos like the Google Assistant Explainer Video are a perfect example.

7. Case Study and Client Testimonial Videos

Potential customers want to know how your product, service, or organization has helped other customers. Case study and testimonial videos are one of the best way to communicate happy, loyal, and accomplished projects. There is no one better to tell your story than someone that has directly been involved.

8. 360° & Virtual Reality (VR) Videos

VR and 360 is a new form of video where viewers can scroll around a video and view every angle of the surrounding area. Videos like these allow viewers to experience locations or events and navigate themselves. Check out some of our favorite examples: NASA’s Atlas V Launch and cliff diving in Italy.

9. Live Videos

Live streaming or videos of a live event are a great way to interact with viewers who cannot be at the actual event. It extends the reach of any event you are already putting on for attendees and can open an additional revenue stream if you were to charge for their views.