A Cinematic Review Of An Opinion

In the entertainment industry these days, we see and hear the opinion of almost everyone. Either in person or by digital means. Opinions and personal preferences can encompass nearly any idea. So, what opinions or reviews should be the ones we listen to? Which ones should we give credibility to? Do the opinions even matter? Spoiler on that last one. They all do. I’ll explain…

To start off, I do know that there are certain cores to review or measure a film as great, successful, or artistic. I want to focus what I am about to say on culture’s reactions and what individual people can do about it when opposing opinions rise.

Have you ever had a show, film, sports team, or song you enjoyed, but someone near you expressed disgust or confusion about it? I know I have. You may hear their opinion and find fault with it. You may then explain yourself; trying to explain why it is good. By the end, it was just an argument and both you and the other individual leave the same as you found each other. It can be a bit deflating. Well, I am here to tell you that whatever you said was correct, but also everything they said was as well. Remember, these questions could apply to them as well. They are also an individual like yourself with opinions. Like with data, every opinion means something. This is the hard part; both your opinions are wrong… and right. 

Personal Research on an Opinion

Here is an example: I observed two individuals discussing which team was best in a certain sport. One individual mentioned their team was better because they had the most wins. The other said their team is better because that team has great benefits for its fans. The conversation eventually went on to the other nitpicking what the other said. Like how they only had the most wins the last year and the other how their benefits were way better. It was a never-ending battle until their schedules carried them away. After analyzing their argument, I came to a revelation. Everything they said was correct. 

Upon further investigation, I learned that one of the people was from the location of the team they mentioned. While the other family was a long-time fan of the team. There was a bias. With that knowledge, does that make what they said now wrong? It does not. How they viewed things was correct because of their individual backgrounds. Both were valid and both had statements that were significant because they made them significant. They created the measurement of greatness. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter because it was based on preference. Yes, there were actual measurements on a specific topics like wins or service, but on what was the best? It depended greatly on what mattered to that individual. 

Point of View

In film/series, it can be looked at similarly. Is this show better than this other show? As one movie character once said, “…you’re going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view” (Lucasfilm, 1983). The standard that created what a great film is was created by human beings with their own opinion. They created the standards of what they thought created a good film. If you measure everything every time to those same standards you will find that it isn’t always the case. Meaning, on average, that might be correct and may create successful products, but does that mean it is good? Success and what is considered good are very different things. Though many categorize them together.

Let’s not encourage beating down on potential creative designs. At the end of the day, if someone says a show is good, that statement is correct for them. If one says it is bad, then it is correct for them. People enjoy what they enjoy. It can be like flavors. Some like one or the other. Sometimes a mix. Let people enjoy what they enjoy. 

So, what is a good thing? Well, it depends on what is important to you. It can be formed by your upbringing and the experience you gain through your life. That is individual to you and you alone. It is what makes you unique. It is what makes you stand out in this world. Use that and see if you can make something new or better from it. Get creative! Go out and enjoy it. All that you can. You enjoy you. 

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