Athena and Pathfinder Award Videos

Every year BW Productions has the opportunity to produce, film, and edit the Pathfinder and Athena Award Videos. We partnered with The Salt Lake Chamber and created these videos for the Women’s Business Center of Utah. These videos were presented at the Women and Business Conference 2021.

Below are the 6 Pathfinder Honorees’ Videos:

Here is the Athena Award Video:

Our crew enjoys working on this project every year because we get to directly work with women who are making an impact and paving the way for a new generation of businesswomen to succeed.

A Word From the Producer

The producer for this project, McKayla, states “when I began working on this project, I really wanted to find the similarities between the women. I thought they must have a similar key to success that could be implemented into my own career. I soon discovered that they were all similar in the fact that they are passionate about their industry, but it was their differences that truly made them succeed.”

McKayla continues, ” these women developed their unique talents and found gaps within their industries. From there they were able to make a lasting difference not only for their business but for other women like me. They truly carved out a space for women to succeed. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked so closely with these women and for what I have learned through this experience.”

Behind the Scenes of the Athena and Pathfinder Awards 2021

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