Guide to Being on a Video Set

Being on camera or in a studio can be intimidating and scary for some people. Most of the videos our crew produces (but aren’t limited to) are corporate trainings, commercials, or corporate streamings.  You may be wondering how to prepare, what to wear, and how to act on camera. For these reasons, we have prepared this guide to help calm your fears and perform well while on your next video production shoot.

How to Prepare Before the Video Shoot

Making sure you are physically and mentally prepared for a shoot is crucial to your performance. Often those who show up to set tired or hungry have a difficult time providing clean answers or a pleasant presence while on camera. It is also important to know the purpose of the shoot and how the end product will be used. Sometimes it even helps to practice questions. If you do practice interview questions, do not memorize your answers. This will come off as robotic and unnatural on camera. In order to make sure you are physically and mentally prepared here are tips to help you feel better and think clearer.

  • Get a good night’s rest
  • Hydrate and have your morning cup of joe or diet coke
  • Eat before showing up to set
  • Review the purpose of the shoot and how the video will be used
  • Practice interview questions, but do not memorize your answers

Clothing, Jewelry, and Makeup Preparation

The type of clothes, makeup, and accessories you wear on camera are important to the aesthetic of the video. As the subject of the video, our crew wants the focus to be on you – avoid anything distracting. The right clothes and accessories can help ensure that you are in focus and look good on camera. Here is what you should avoid wearing:

  • White, bright red, or black shirts. If accompanied by a blazer or jacket, it will look a lot better.
  • Neon colors, especially bright green, yellow, or red.
  • Avoid silky, shiny, or reflective materials
  • Small or tight patterns or pinstripes
  • Large and distracting patterns
  • Extreme and overdone makeup
  • Putting hair into a ponytail or an updo (makes the person seem like they have short hair)
  • Chunky and distracting jewelry or accessories

Because of how the camera registers images, anything with small or tight patterns or pinstripes should be avoided. These patterns cause the video to waver in an effect known as moiré which creates a static-like visual effect that is very distracting to the viewer.  We also ask that big, blocky patterns, chunky jewelry, or extreme makeup are avoided because they can be distracting. Reflective materials can cause hot spots that make lighting the subject more difficult for the camera crew. Neon colors are not flattering and do not register well on camera. When you are comfortable and in a simple outfit, you will look better on set and feel more confident. Here is a list of what you should wear to set:

  • Solid colored clothing
  • Neutral or pastel colors
  • Can be comfortably sat in
  • Natural, but professional, makeup (we bring makeup powder to set to help with shine)

How to Act on Camera

The best way to act on camera or in the video studio is by being you! The producer will interview and have a conversation with you. The cameras may seem intimidating, but ignore them and focus on talking to the producer. Our crew will take care of the rest. You can start a question over as many times as you need. We have our editors cut out all of the mistakes.

  • Be you
  • Let your personality shine
  • Act natural

Being on camera is a unique and exciting experience. There are many ways to prepare and ensure that the end product and experience of creating the video will be uplifting and positive. We hope this guide will help you feel more comfortable and confident on set.

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