Women in Production and Photography

Our Mission

Our group, Utah Women in Production and Photography (WIPP), has the mission to help and support women in their journey to become professionals in video production. We are a community for women, all about women. We offer different opportunities to connect, network, collaborate, and grow.

Our Story

Women in Production and Photography’s story began with BW Productions‘ team. The managing director, Brent, noticed the impact women had on set and on our projects. These women provided different perspectives, skills, and insights on how to complete these jobs. Yet, there always seemed to be a lack of women within the industry. So he put a team together.

This team consists of two women who have worked within the industry and are passionate about this project: McKayla Kreutzkamp and Stephanie Dunn.

McKayla Kreutzkamp – Co-Founder
Stephanie Dunn – Co-Founder

McKayla and Stephanie began doing some investigation to understand why there is a lack of women within the industry. Talking to many different people in this field of work, doing research, and sending out a survey based on their research.

Some interesting stats include:

  • According to the Center for the Study of Women in Film and Teleivion, overall, women comprise “30% of creators, 31% of directors, and 24% of editors on streaming programs but 22% of creators, 19% of directors, and 15% of editors on broadcast network programs.” 
  • Women and Hollywood’s study found that the top 100 grossing films of 2019, women represented 10.7% of directors, 19.4% of writers, and 24.3% of producers.
  • Variety reports that 2020 was a record year for women in Hollywood. They state that “women represented 16% of directors working on the 100 highest-grossing films in 2020… up from 12% in 2019 and a lowly 4% in 2018.”

Through their efforts, they discovered 6 different reasons that negatively influence women’s participation in video production (in no particular order):

  1. Lack of encouragement and opportunity to develop within the field
  2. Getting talked down to/condescending behaviors from others
  3. Man-splaining
  4. Sexual harassment
  5. Pretty privilege (only booking a job because of your looks rather than your talent)
  6. Lower payment than your male counterpart for the same work

To combat these issues, McKayla and Stephanie developed a plan. This plan is to help provide a safe environment to engage in opportunities to connect, network, collaborate and grow.

Our Initiatives

Here are the different initiatives we will be putting into place to combat the previously described issues:

  • Utah WIPP FaceBook Group – On online social community to help women find crew positions, provide training, and facilitate networking.
  • The Women in Production and Photography Blog – The blog posts are on BW Productions website. This blog will include highlights of different women within the industry and describing their journey to success. It will also have other articles on different tips and tricks to develop your career.
  • Monthly Networking Events – Monthly events done virtually and/or in person at BW Productions’ studio. This is a place for women to meet up directly as well as collaborate on upcoming projects.
  • Presentations – Our crew will be open to presenting at schools, universities, clubs, and for other groups about the importance of women in film.
  • Mentor Sign Ups – We will provide the opportunity for women to connect with mentors and become mentors themselves.
  • Women’s Summit – Every year we will have a summit where we will have presentations, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities.

We hope to see your career grow through these efforts.

Please contact McKayla Kreutzkamp for more information, to schedule a presentation, or talk about possible opportunities.

mckayla@bwproductionsllc.com – (801)636-2734